If i could go out and tell every girl who has inverted nipples, who has a complex and who worries and writes about it in forums, who is looking for a solution and ultimately the girls who have a complex about this defect like I have had for the last 12 years, I would tell them about your product.


I still dont know if it will work completely, but even after just a week of using it..... I am happy. This is why I am happy.....

I have really inverted nipples......apparently hereditary and really significantly inverted. My mum had them but when she got pregnant with me, her's came out naturally. I wasn't so fortunate when I got pregnant with my son.

My teenage years and twenties were a nightmare. I was ridiculed by a boy when I was 17 for having 'weird tits' as he put it..... that embarrassment has stuck with me until this day. Yes I have been married and divorced and I have had boyfriends all who have accepted the fact that my nipples were inverted.... But i could never get over that embarrassment and the fact that I felt deformed. I know that my insecurities about this have effected my relationships.

In my twenties, I tried another product ( I wont mention which as I don't think that would be ethical ) which promised a similar solution. It didn't work and I just carried on regardless. About a month ago, I came across your product and needless to say I was sceptical having tried another product similar to what you are offering. However I decided to give it a go.....because really what do I have to loose.

Well.......It's been just over a week and I can't tell you how happy I am. Like I said, I don't know if after 3 months it will make my nipples stay out permanently, but what I do know is the following:

The suction is amazing... they really do suck.

They stay on... once you have them in place, they don't fall off. I can move around and do things and they actually remain in place.

After a week of using them, I can take them off and I actually have nipples... my nipples stay out for a good hour.

I have every confidence that I stick out the 3 months recommended by this product..... it is going to work out for me. HOwever even if it doesn't, it still provides me with a device which is discreet and which I can remove at those all important times when you want your nipples to be showing.

I wish I had come across your product 15 years ago!!

I just wanted to share this because I know how much customer feedback is valued and if  I can help other women in my position, then I hope it does...

Thank you!!

- Australia


I love this product. I wish more medical people knew about it. After MRIs & ultrasound to ensure there was nothing else going on with my breast, it was decided it was simply an inverted nipple with no real advice on how to improve it. I researched and found your website, tried it last year and it really helped. I find now, that I have to ocassionally use Pippetop as the nipple tends to gradually invert again but still...what a big difference for so such a small, easy to use product! Thank you.

- Canada


Let me express my gratitude to you, because fortunately, I found Pippetop from Internet research. I quickly purchased it and used it for more than a month. The effect of the Pippetop surprised me. I can finally see my nipples

- Japan


I have just used Pippetop for 1 week, very effective!!

- Japan


I am so excited to tell you that after 3 months of using Pippetop, I feel relieved because my inverted nipples that made me depressed for 20 years are finally reversed. It makes me very happy. Thanks again Pippetop inventor

- Australia


I ordered these 2 weeks ago and already see a HUGE difference. I know they are working! I am spool excited as i was contemplating surgery. However, they fall off at night and have lost 2, so am down 2. How do I get replacements as i tell this is going to keep happening. I will get tape but I know I will still need replacements as I travel a lot. Thanks, lol

- U.S.A


Seriously though, thanks again


Thanks for your response to my query. I have subsequently purchase one and althouh I don't feel confident enough to wear them under a Tshirt, I am very happy with them and can see they should achiece what they promise to achieve. My question now for you is about the 3 month time frame - is this necessary in every case to relax whatever tension/adhesions are creating the problem or will a shorter time frame achieve the result in some cases. thanks

- New Zealand


Just a quick note to tell you how pleased I am with your product. I have been using for almost a month & am amazed & thrilled with the result so far. I can't believe I went so long feeling self conscious when there is a product like this on the market. Everytime I look in the mirror I can't stop smiling!
Thanks again...pippetop had changed my life.
- Australia


Used to be very conscious about my inverted nipples, feel less than a woman. I was really desperate & tried various kinds of treatments. None works for me well until now with this tiny wonder product called PIPPETOP. It has changed my life. I look more and more normal now and feel GREAT about myself. Love this product simply because it works for me. It is EXACTLY what I am looking for.

- Sweden


I am so happy to have PIPPETOP in my life. I feel more attractive now. What an effective & quick means to correct my flat nipples. And it is NOT through surgery, just love it!!!



The best thing PIPPETOP has given me is a boost in my self esteem as well my sexuality. WOW, no longer unnormal & deformed !!!!!!!!!

- Canada


I was a little skeptical of this little device that i bought of eBay by auction called "Pippetop" claimed to be able to treat inverted nipples. I compared with many similar devices on the market, this one seemed to be the most compact in size. So I thought to give it a try two month ago and bought a set online. After 3 weeks of using, my problem started visibly improving. Now 2 month later, my little things are finally taking shape and not easily retract anymore. I am so happy to see this result. I have been dealing with this problem all my adult life, now finally found a solution. I will keep using it until it's completely cured. The best thing of this devise is that I can wear it 24hrs a day under the bra, no need to worry about any embarrassment and take off only during the shower and massage. I noticed if I apply plenty of cream (comes with the kit) before wear it, my skin would feel much comfortable. I definitely recommend this device as a none invasive treatment for inverted nipples. Actually, I just bought a 2nd set for my cousin who has the same problem like me. She is going to have a baby shower. I think this will be a perfect addition to her baby shower gifts.



Love this product, I've been using for 2 months and what great results. I had it off for 6 hours one day and they still popped out!! A little bit of a touch and they grew big and hard. Use the cream, and to help them stay on at night I bought nipple covers to put on top of the pippetop and wore a tightish shirt to secure it all. It's very effective, discrete and safe. I wish I had done this decades ago! Good luck all.



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