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Pippetop is designed to treat both slight and severe cases of inverted or flat nipples safely and effectively. It is small and non-invasive suction device that can be worn on the inverted or flat nipple twenty-four hours a day at any time and any place. (We will delivery anywhere around world & postage will apply)


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If I could go out and tell every girl who has inverted nipples, who has a complex and who worries and writes about it in forums, who is looking for a solution and ultimately the girls who have a complex about this defect like I have had for the last 12 years I would tell them about your product. I still don't know if it will work completely but even after just a week of using it ..... I am happy. This is why I am happy..... I have really inverted nipples.... apparently hereditary and really significantly inverted. My mum had them but when she got pregnant with me her's came out naturally. I wasn't so fortunate when I got pregnant with my son. My teenage years and twenties were a nightmare. I was ridiculed by a boy when I was 17 for having 'weird tits" as he put it....... that embarrassment has stuck with me until this day. Yes I have been married and divorced and I have had boyfriends all of who have accepted the fact that my nipples were inverted...... But I could never get over that embarrassment and the fact that I felt deformed. I know that my insecurities about this have effected my relationships. In my twenties I tried another product (I wont mention which as I don't think that would be ethical ) which promised a similar solution. It didn't work and I just carried on regardless. About a month ago I came across your product and needless to say I was sceptically having tried another product similar to what you are offering. However I decided to give it a go...... because really what do I have to lose. Well..... it's been just over a week and I can't tell you how happy I am. Like I said I don't know if after 3 months it will make my nipples stay out permanently but what I do know is the following: The suction is amazing.... they really do suck. They stay on..... once you have them in place they don't fall off. I can move around and do things and they they actually remain in place. After a week of using them I can take them off and I actually have nipples.... my nipples stay out for a good hour. I have every confidence that if I stick out the 3 months recommended by this product.....it is going to work for me. However even if it doesn't it still provides me with a device which is discreet and which I can remove at those all important times when you want your nipples to be showing. I wish I had come across your product 15 years ago!! I just wanted to share this because I know how much customer feedback is valued and if I can help other women in my position then I hope it does.... Thank you!!
Michelle :: Oct 18 2012, 01:05 AM

Excellent product.

I am so excited to tell you that after 3 month of using Pippetop, I feel relieved because my inverted nipples that made me depressed for 20 years are finally reversed. It makes me very happy. Thanks again Pippetop inventor. - Australia
Anonymous :: Dec 06 2011, 02:15 AM

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